Wizard101 1.0.0 is an online adventure game of witchcraft

Wizard101 1.0.0 is an online adventure game.
You will need to obtain a free account in order to play the game online, and you will have to download the associated file.

In Wizard101 you will have to collect magic cards, learn how to make spells and take part in wizard duels.

The free trial version allows you to play forever, as it never ends. Subscribers can complete Wizard City and explore all the distant worlds.

You begin choosing your appearance and name. Then you´re ready to begin your learning as a student Wizard in an attempt to save Wizard City and explore many different worlds.

You control your character movement with the arrow keys. If you want to talk to another character, you need to be in front of him and press the X key.

You will gain strength as you fight duels with other magicians. You can see your Health in the Red Ball. The Blue Ball will show you how much mana you have.

To become a Duelist you must first learn the basic spells. Should you lose a duel, you will be sent back to the school to heal and learn more spells.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • The game has excellent graphics and nice sound. The movements are very good. And it´s free for ever


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